Message from the Chair

Message from the DGTDO Chair

Recently, Swing Left tweeted Republican pundit Steve Schmidt’s prediction that #BlueWave2018 will be like the “tsunami from the movie Armageddon when the asteroid hit”. Are you ready to jump on the #BlueWave2018?  To make it happen we need all hands on deck to generate the momentum we need to get voters to the polls.

Thanks to the generosity of local donors, we have renewed the office lease for our port in the storm as we roll the blue wave over Republican incumbents in DuPage to win the 6th Congressional District seat, as well as seats on the DuPage County Board, Forest Preserve Commission, Countywide Offices, and Circuit Court Judgeships. To top it off, we have the opportunity to elect additional Democratic State Legislators, re-elect our State Central Committeemen/Committeewomen, retain statewide Constitutional Offices, and take back the Governor’s Mansion.

The office has proved to be a catalyst for campaign activity, activism, idea generation, issues education, networking, and student projects. It is place where people of all ages come together to move our progressive agenda forward. As our vision unfolds, we continue to expand support available to the multitude of Democratic candidates seeking to represent you at all levels of government.

Whether you are ready to jump in with both feet and knock on doors for candidates, make phone calls, process mail, or get a better understanding of issues so that you will be an informed voter, the Blue Wave can’t happen without you!

Here is your Blue Wave Checklist for January:

·       Check your voter registration at Even if you have been registered at your address for years, it is a good idea to check to make sure you are registered. If you have moved or changed your name since you originally registered, you need to update your registration.

·       Make sure everyone in your household who will be 17 by November 4, 2018 is registered to vote. If someone needs to register, they can do it online at the link above.

·       Learn about the candidates so you can give an informed vote. Links to candidate information are available on our website,

·       Adopt a candidate! Contact the candidate of your choice and find out how you can help.

·       Consider voting by mail. You may request a vote by mail ballot now at

·       Encourage friends and family locally and across the country to get ready to vote!

Are you ready for #BlueWave2018? Let’s make it happen!

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