My Volunteer Experience by Joy Chen

My Volunteer Experience

By Joy Chen

As a junior at Hinsdale Central High School, my Spanish teacher approached me and my peers asking us if we would be interested in being student election judges. I immediately jumped at the chance, and on April 4, 2017 I spent the day inside Westmont Junior High School’s gymnasium instead of the classroom. I can now say it was an invaluable experience. Shortly after, I signed up to volunteer for Ameya Pawar’s gubernatorial campaign. In August, I started senior year with AP U.S. Government and Politics early on in my day.

One of the class requirements was to volunteer for a political campaign or organization. I decided to complete my hours at DGTDO after my teacher, Mr. Wilbur, posted about the opportunity on our class dashboard. Over the course of a couple months, I attended monthly meetings, canvassed around DuPage County, and spent time in the office with other students and members. My time volunteering made me realize that, despite my age, I have the power to affect the political process. It seems like these days that’s becoming an increasingly rare attitude, but it’s an attitude I hope my peers will all come to adopt as well, especially because in our current political climate there is nothing more dangerous than apathy.

Most students I talk to don’t know how easy it is to get involved in politics. Hopefully, that will change soon; current sophomores will be the first class required to take a civics class to graduate. I’m sure some people will see volunteering as yet another checkbox to tick off, but I’m also sure many more will be inspired by how dedicated and passionate political volunteers are here in DuPage County.