Create Your Voting Plan for 2018 Primary

Be prepared, create your Voting Plan for 2018 Primary – March 20, 2018

By Sue Sitton

If you need motivation to be involved and to vote, remember how it felt in November 2016.  Each day we are confronted with more and more news that feels threatening to our democracy.  It can be a feeling of helplessness and the thought “I can’t do anything.  I don’t have power.  I’m just one person.”  Well, the power we each have is our VOTE!  Your vote, my vote and millions of other votes are the drops of water that will create the 2018 Blue Wave.  Don’t get frustrated, Get out and Vote.
When we plan for important events, we are more likely to follow through and take action.  2018 is a critical year for all of us to vote.  Encourage friends and family to make their Voting Plans.  
So, make your Voting Plan, write it down and VOTE!  Your Plan should include:
·       Know you candidates
·       Verify your registration
·       Select method to vote
·       Make adjustment to schedule as needed
·       Write it down 
·       VOTE – be part of the BLUE WAVE!
For full details regarding ways to vote, visit Illinois Board of Elections website Information for Voterspage or DuPage County Election Commission website.  Please note there is a date change for ballot availability for Early Voting   (DuPage County Press Release)**
Here’s a summary of voting options with links to get more information.
Vote by Mail:
·       First day to file application was December 20, 2017

·       Election Authority must receive Applications by March 15, 2018

·       Ballot must be postmarked by March 20, 2018

·       Download “Illinois Application for Vote By Mail Ballot” and follow instructions
      (Note Military Overseas Vote By Mail form is different)

·       Benefits of Vote by Mail
o   Personal schedule flexibility (last minute events on Election Day won’t interfere with voting)
o   Convenience and easy to complete ballot from home
o   Ability to look up candidate information
o   Paper ballots can be audited 
In Person Early Voting (begins 40 days prior to Election Day)
·       **February 21 (in-person ballot delayed– see DuPage County Press Release)
·       From February 12 to March 19, 2018 (original planned dates)
·       Location beginning February 8, 2018
o   DuPage County Commission at 421 N County Farm Rd. Wheaton
·       Additional locations beginning March 5, 2018
·       Benefits of Early Voting 
o   Personal schedule flexibility (last minute events on Election Day won’t interfere with voting)

Election Day Voting (March 20, 2018)
·       Polling Locations

·       Benefits of Election Day Voting 
o   Can request paper ballot and scan; has an audit trail
o   Can vote with the most current candidate information