Message from the Chair

Message from the Chair

By Kim Savage

Can you remember a more robust mid-term election? With numerous Democratic candidates for Governor, Attorney General, 6thCongressional District, County Board districts, and Circuit Court Judges, I have never seen so much local activity for the Primary. The good news is that there are outstanding candidates to choose from. It is important to show appreciation for all of the candidates who have stepped up to represent us; running for office is no easy task.

With so many great candidates running, it can be challenging to decide who to vote for. There have been a several opportunities to meet candidates at our meetings, and to attend meet and greet events and candidate forums. We have links to candidate websites at so that you may do additional research. It is vital that you learn about the candidates and vote Democratic in the Primary Election. It is also important to make sure that your family and friends know about the candidates, are registered to vote, and are motivated to exercise their rights to vote.

Voting is important, but securing the integrity of our votes is vital. Unless you live under a rock, you have heard about Russian meddling in the 2016 elections. However, did you know that efforts to undermine our votes has long been part of the fabric of DuPage County? Even as I write this, just days before Vote by Mail ballots can be issued, the candidacy for the Democrat running for Forest Preserve District President is being challenged in Appellate Court. This issue was resolved by the Electoral Board and the Circuit Court, yet those rulings have been scoffed at by the Republicans. While Dan Hebreard will be on the Primary Ballot, dirty tricks like this are intended to frustrate candidates and deny voters a true choice at the polls. Voter suppression is also exhibited by perpetuation of the belief that DuPage is a Republican county. That belief has been instrumental in keeping Democratic voters at home on Election Day. You can help protect the integrity of our votes by encouraging others to register, by voting, and by being a watchdog on Election Day.

There are still opportunities to become involved in the Election Process for the March 20 Primary Election. Check out paid temporary positions with the DuPage Election Commission at volunteer to be a pollwatcher as outlined elsewhere in this newsletter.

Here is your checklist for February:

·       Check your voter registration online

·       Make sure that your family members who will be 18 before November 6 are registered to vote so they can participate in the Primary Election on March 20. Register to vote here.

·       Learnmore about the candidates.

·       Stop by the office at 906 Curtiss Street and find out how you can help local candidates.

·       Request a Vote by Mailballot online and vote.

Please stand strong and help make the Blue Wave a Blue Tsunami. Never forget November 2016. Vote!