DGTDO – Message from the Chair

Message from the Chair

By Kim Savage
I don’t know about you, but I have had enough! Enough tweet storms. Enough nepotism generating family fortunes off of the taxpayers’ dime. Enough victim blaming. Enough [insert your issue here].
Again this month, I want to tell you how hard the Democratic candidates are working. I hope you are answering the phones when they call, opening the door when the campaigns ring your bell, and carefully reading their literature. Visit their websites. Find previously streamed forums on Facebook. Please do your homework and then vote! The candidates are working hard so they can represent YOU!
It isn’t easy being a candidate. There are plenty of long days, especially when we are down to the wire and the sprint becomes a marathon! However, March 20 is just a stop along the way to November. We need to take a deep breath, refuel, and go for the long haul. When we achieve our results, it will all be worth it…and then we start again.
We are also pleased to announce that you will be able to hear from several more candidates who have not visited us at this time. We have invited all of the Attorney General candidates and are still waiting for confirmation. Watch our Facebook page for confirmation.
Here is your checklist for March:
·       If you are voting by mail, mail your ballot back today!
·       Have you checked your voter registration online?
·       Do you know where your polling place is? Check here
·       Learnmore about the candidates.
·       Stop by the office at 906 Curtiss Street and find out how you can help local candidates.
Don’t forget that our March 14 meeting will be in the Library at Downers Grove South High School, 1436 Norfolk in Downers Grove.
Remember to make sure you vote a Democratic ballot in the Primary Election!