Gun Safey – Big Victory in Illinois

Gun Violence Prevention – A Big Victory in Illinois

In our February Newsletter, Joanna Williams and Sara Knizhnik wrote an articleproviding information about why gun dealer licensing (SB 1657) is important to gun violence prevention in Illinois.  On February 28th, our legislators passed SB 1657 and it’s now ready for Rauner’s signature.  Legislators also made progress on other bills.
The following is from a Facebook post by Tanja Radakovich Murray from Moms Demand Action IL.  Tanja has worked tirelessly advocate to make our communities safer.  Here’s her update on the recent legislative session:
Yesterday [February 28] was a BIG VICTORY for Gun Violence Prevention [GVP] in IL!  FIVE HUNDRED Moms Demand Action members, along with a hundred more IL Gun Violence Coalition members from multiple organizations, got to witness 5 GVP bills pass at least one chamber; the most important one to pass is the Gun Dealer Licensing Act which has been shown to reduce gun violence 64% in other states who have passed the law.  Many in the IL Gun Violence Prevention Coalition have been working for 15 years to get it passed.  For the first time it passed not just one but both chambers and is awaiting the Governor to sign it into law.”
Summary of all the bills that passed:
The biggest victory of the day: SB 1657(& HB 2354 the Trailer bill) The Gun Dealer Licensing Act – Rep Willis – passed the House (previously passed the Senate). This is the only bill that has passed both chambers now as of yesterday and is ready to be signed into law by Rauner.  He has 90 days to veto or sign into law so keep circulating that petition!!!
SB 559 – Lethal Violence Order of Protection (LVOP) – Senator Morrison – PASSED the Senate – must now go for a vote in the House
HB 1465 – increases age to purchase semi-automatic weapons and high capacity ammunition feeding devices to 21 – Rep Mussman – PASSED the House – must now go for a vote in the Senate
HB 1467 – Bump Stock Ban – Rep Moylan – PASSED the House – must now go for a vote in the Senate
HB 1468 – Puts a 72-hour waiting period on the sale of assault weapons – Rep Carroll – PASSED the House – now must go for a vote in the Senate.
We are not finished! Please sign and share this petition for Rauner NOT to “veto” the Gun Dealer Licensing Bill!! 

Thank you!!!