Primary Election Prep in a Nutshell

Primary Election Prep in a Nutshell 

By Chris Johnson  

We’re seriously in the home stretch now, so let’s be sure we have our voting ducks (voting ducks??) in a row.

1.     Registration

·       If you’re already registered, confirm your status at

·       If you aren’t registered, or if you know anyone who isn’t registered – including young people who will turn 18 before the November 6, 2018 general election (yes, that includes high school students) – there’s still time for in-person registration:

o   Until March 19:  At the Election Commission or any Early Voting Location; find a list of those locations here.

o   On March 20 (election day):  At your polling place.

o   ID requirements for any in-person registration: Bring two pieces of identification, one of which must include your current address. 

2.     Research

·       If you’re still undecided about any of the races, the DGTD website has links to all of the candidate websites – check them out!, Candidates tab. 

·       Find a sample ballot for your precinct at  If you print it out, you can mark your choices AND bring it into the voting booth with you.
3.     Voting method 
            You still have options!

·       Vote by Mail:  Get an application at, and mail it in so that will be received by the Board of Elections by March 15.  After you get your ballot, fill it out and return it; it must be postmarked by March 20.

·       In-person Early Voting, through March 19:  Find locations at  Early Voting Locations, Dates and Hours.

·       Election Day Voting, March 20:  Find your polling place at  NOTE that there have been some changes; your polling place may have changed since last time you voted.  

o   ASK FOR A PAPER BALLOT IF IT ISN’T OFFERED TO YOU.  More tamper-resistant than touchscreen, and can be recounted if a recount is necessary.

o   Be safe and bring ID with you – something other than your Voter ID card.  No, they are not supposed to ask for it – but your most important job on Election Day is to cast a vote.  You can report the improper request to a Democratic poll watcher, and/or report it to the Election Commission after the fact. 

4.     Why should I bother doing any of this?  It’s a mid-term primary and I’m a Democrat in DuPage County.
Many reasons, but try these:
·       Lots of Democratic candidates, for a change (wave of the future!).  There are nearly 3 times as many Democrats on DuPage County ballots as we’ve had in the past!

·       We can make the November races competitive by using this wealth of choices to pick the strongest candidates for the general election.

·       A strong primary turnout fuels motivation and enthusiasm in the party base, which is one of the best predictors of success in the general election.

For more information:  Go to,, or check out the helpful links on the DGTDO website,