Blue Wave is YOU

The Blue Wave is YOU!
By Maryann Vazquez
Have you ever wondered why there were more Republicans on the ballot than Democrats in DuPage County? I wondered the first time I saw a local ballot, and I have come to understand that it is engagement in that OTHER party office on Curtiss that makes the difference. Republicans are relentless in pursuing their interests and agenda. Democrats … well, we often think we can just chill after elections rather than staying engaged. We can not chill, people!  That is not working for us. Democrats have to be active to save our democracy even within the confines of Dupage County. Our organization has to remain vital, vibrant, active and it has to grow.  Supporting the DGTDO and its office needs to be a priority for all of us who are concerned about the direction of this country. Do you care or do you just talk about it?  We have all seen what our collective complacency has done to the nation, even the world. 
Our office at 906 Curtiss is the heart of our Democratic community.  In order to build the organization and attract like-minded individuals, we need this home in Downers Grove Township, we need to support. It just can not happen without you. The office is open Monday through Friday afternoon; if we had more volunteers we could keep it open in the evenings. Volunteer!!!  (Just DVR that show if you must watch it.) Donations are needed for rent, supplies and utilities. You can support keeping the office open for a full day with a donation of $40 a month.  If that is not in your budget, try half a day for $20 a month.
The primary is March 20th! We need you! We need people to poll watchs. Phone bankers to get out the vote. Support your favored candidate in getting out the vote. The Blue Tsunami is YOU!
Thank you to all the volunteers that keep the doors open for those looking for a place to feel safe. Thank you to those who donate funds to help keep the hearth warm.  A special note of gratitude to all of the leaders and Precinct Committeemen – you are the foundation of our township organization!  We appreciate every step you take.