Be Active – Writing Letters to the Editor

Writing Letters to the Editor
By Chris Hotchkin
Letters to the Editor of our local newspapers are a great tool for starting and shaping public conversation on issues of importance to us as Democrats.  And it isn’t as difficult as it might look.  Pick up a pen, or fire up your keyboard, and get started! 
General points for writing a Letter to the Editor:
·       Keep it short. Local papers such as the Hinsdalean limit you to 250 words. The Tribune’s limit is 400 words.
·       Be specific—address one issue or respond to one news item.
·       Be clear and concise.  Use simple language and sentence structure.
·       Be positive rather than negative, if possible.  Give suggestions of what can be done to make things better.
·       Be able to back up statements with facts, and make sure your facts are correct.
·       Sign your name and town. Provide contact information so the editor can ask you for clarification or ask you to cut down the length.
Links for submitting Letters to the Editor:
The Doings (Pioneer Press) 
Same link as Chicago Tribune
The Hinsdalean  or Fax to (630) 323-4220 
The Bugle   For posting news articles
Patch   online news
Go to and create a log-in. Can post events and news