DGTDO Message from the Chair

Message from the Chair

By Kim Savage

Go, team! I hope everyone is proud of the momentum we are building toward the November General Election! The network of Precinct Committeemen, volunteers, and campaigns continues to grow in strength every day because of the enthusiasm and commitment of everyone involved. While knocking on doors and calling voters are the most effective ways to engage voters, they are not the only ways you can actively engage in the rising tide that will wash out the Republican stranglehold on our country.

By now, you know that local Democratic turnout was strong in the Primary Election. In some precincts, our candidates drew double the number of voters than the Republicans. It is a great sign, but we can’t get lulled into a false sense of security! Republican voters will come out in force in November, so it is vital that we make sure that voters are educated on the qualifications of our candidates, our issues, and the voting records of incumbents. Democratic campaigns are already back on the street, earning the confidence of local voters.

Thanks again to all of the candidates who stepped up in the Primary Election. We appreciate your dedication to the cause! We also applaud the growing throngs of volunteers who amplify the message to Democratic voters. Keep fighting the good fight!

Watch our newsletter for candidate profiles. Share the candidate information on our website with your friends and family. Stop by the office and get connected with other local volunteers. Share your enthusiasm today and every day. Be wary of shiny objects that may distract you from the mission! Most importantly, support the Democratic candidates with your time, talent, and treasure because they cannot represent you unless our strong community of Democrats shouts from the rooftops. Go, team!