Hair on Fire – United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Hair on Fire – United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

By Carla Feinkind

It is the worst of times … it is the best of times.   Since January 2017, Trump and the GOP have consistently passed acts of malice that have weakened  our nation and hurt real families.  But this just concluded primary season showed that it is also the best of times.

Democratic ballots were filled with talented candidates, often several for the same office.  Democrats stepped up to run knowing how hard, how tiring and, yes, how expensive it is to run.  Democratic candidates ran with passion and energy to defend our Democratic values and our neighbors.   Their supporters followed their example with equal passion and energy.  There were hard fought battles of Democrat vs. Democrat.  In the end, of course, not everyone could win.  The day after brought exhaustion, let down and some sadness to those who lost.

It can take some time to decompress and reset after a long, hard fought and passionate race.   So, take a few moments to rest and regroup.  OK, NOW, we rally around the primary winners.  We unite for the battle to elect Democrats to offices in our local communities, statewide and nationally.

We cannot win if we are divided. We cannot win if we stay home because our candidate did not win the primary. OUR JOB IS TO UNITE AND WORK HARD FOR THE DEMOCRATS THAT DID WIN!

Let’s be sure that we do nothing to weaken Democratic candidates.  We can expect Republicans to fight HARD and maybe even dirty. (It’s Trump’s GOP.) All the passion and energy and hope that we invested in the primary battles must now be invested in the general.  REMEMBER … UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.  Can the nation take much more of the ugly, hurtful GOP control of our government? 

So let’s get busy!!   Everyone of us has something we can do to contribute to Democratic victories in November!