Override Rauner’s Veto on Gun Licensing

Override Rauner’s Veto on Gun Licensing

By Sue Sitton

On February 28th, the Gun Dealer Licensing Act, SB1657, passed through the Illinois House and Senate (see last month’s article).  Governor Rauner made the decision to veto the bill on March 23rd, the day before March for Our Lives.  Now it’s time to get the House and Senate to override Rauner’s veto.

The House will be back in session the week of April 9th. The clock starts ticking when the bill goes back to the Senate between Tuesday, April 10th and Wednesday, April 25th for an override vote. This is expected to be a heavy lift because we have to turn No votes into Yes votes.  It’s up to each of us to make our voices heard and ask our state legislators to vote YES to override Rauner’s veto.  #OURONEJOB. 

There are two websites that help residents connect with their state legislators, sign a petition and keep up with the latest developments.  Check out:

·       Illinois Gun Violence Prevention Coalition at https://ilgvp.com/ouronejob/

·       Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence at www.ichv.org

Call your legislators and encourage them to vote YES to override SB1657.  Don’t assume that this is totally a partisan issue.  There are some Democrats like Tom Cullerton who voted No on this bill.  Everyone, find out your legislator’s position, call him or her, and encourage a Yes vote.

There are opportunities to host postcard writing parties or phone banking.  If you are interested, email Sue Sitton at sasitton@aol.com or Maryann Vazquez at mavazquez23@gmail.com.