The Blue Wave is You – Marshall the Facts and Get Involved

The Blue Wave is You – Marshall the Facts and Get Involved!
By Maryann Vazquez
Voting is the single most important weapon that we citizens have at our disposal to safeguard our Democracy. It strikes fear into every powerful politician who wants to be elected or re-elected. Millions are spent to gain your vote. For those in office who do not support our interests, our battle cry is , VOTE THEM OUT.
Now, if you are reading this article you are at the very least the corporal of a platoon, and every friend or neighbor a soldier in that platoon. One of your most important jobs is to help arm yourself and your platoon with FACTS – the underpinnings of a responsible, powerful electorate.  Voter education is the only way to ensure that the politicians elected act on the behalf of the people they represent.
Uneducated voters give their power over to someone else, possibly a candidate that doesn’t have the best interests of the average citizen in mind. Whether you have always been politically involved or have only recently awakened, you have taken on the responsibility of encouraging civic engagement.
Come build with us a sense of community and responsibility to support our local political organization during the upcoming elections. Arm yourself with facts and be the catalyst for change in our county and in our country. Be active in your local party and/or campaign for a candidate you support!
There are so many different ways you can participate:
·       Volunteering office hours at 906 Curtiss
·       Donating money to keep the office open and thriving
·       Donating money to a political candidate
·       Phone banking for a campaign
·       Canvassing for a campaign
·       Stuffing envelopes and canvassing bags
·       Writing an article for the newsletter
·       Researching an issue to help arm all of us with facts.
See the list of Upcoming Eventsin the newsletter, and go to find more specific volunteer, education and other opportunities.