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Taking Donations to Create Design Templates!

One of our strengths as Democrats, and as DGT Democrats in particular, is that we STEP UP to help our local candidates however we can.  Chris English’s article below describes an exciting plan to do just that.  First project:  raising funds for professional design of a walk card, specific to each candidate but that also presents a consistent and compelling message.  Our initial goal is to raise $2,400 toward this end.  Judge Linda Davenport has pledged a very generous $500 to get us started – Thank you, Judge Linda!  Now let’s STEP UP to build the fund!  Contributions of any size are welcome and will be put to good use.  Make checks payable to DGTDO and drop them off at or send them to the office, with a note indicating that the money is intended for the Campaign Infrastructure Fund.  Thank you, everyone!

Let’s Step Up Again!

By Chris English
It is DGTDO’s custom to support Democratic candidates for office. Our long-standing practice of giving a check to general election candidates – subject to an appearance at our meetings – we believe is unique among township organizations.
Two years ago, DGTDO found the will and means to open and support a storefront office. Our office has subsequently been used by Democratic candidates as an in-kind donation from the organization. Recently we began offering the use of a high-speed printer to candidates.
Developing and funding political infrastructure to promote Democrats at the local level is a logical extension of our organization’s mission. Our experience with the office shows that establishing a candidate support fund with seed money from generous donors, combined with a program of small dollar contributions from rank and file supporters, can be a success.
At the May Township meeting, Vice-Chair Greg Hose lead a discussion exploring how an infrastructure fund could create the synergy to advance Democratic values and win electoral success. For example, such a fund could be used in the sharing of costs to obtain voter lists or assist with legal expenses. Marketing, messaging and design experts could be retained to build consistent, reusable, templates. Such templates could than given to individual office seekers to be customized and scaled to the needs of their campaign – a uniform and professional Democratic identification than could resonate across various campaigns.
Of course, the accumulated campaign experience of our volunteer base in such areas as data manipulation, field organizing, fund raising, mailing and accounting can also be part of the infrastructure project.