DGTDO Newsletter – new email and request for feedback

Help Us Make The Newsletter Better for You! 

Spring is here and finally the weather has caught up with the calendar.  Springtime is a reminder of renewal.  Trees sprouted new buds and some have bloomed.  The smell of freshly cut grass and tulips breaking through the ground is the beginning of a new season.  
In the spirit of the season, the DGTDO Newsletter Committee is asking for your feedback.  Any time you have something to share, please send your comments, ideas and constructive input to our new email, DGTDONewsletter@gmail.com.  Each month, we try to include information that will inform and be useful to our readers.
Also, in the spirit of springtime and renewal, we need your help.  As a starter, here are a few questions we have for you to answer in regards to our newsletter.  Please send your responses to DGTDONewsletter@gmail.comwith the subject as Survey.  
·       What do you find most useful?
·       What do you find least useful?
·       What should be added?
·       Would you like to volunteer to write or help an article?  Any particular topic?
·       What topics would be of interest to you?
Our goal of the newsletter is to keep our readers informed and engaged.   Thank you in advance for your comments and ideas!