Election Judges needed in November

We Need YOU to RECRUIT Election Judges!

By Sara Byron
How many people have you met in the last 18 months that are looking for a way to get involved in the political process?  This may be a perfect fit – a limited commitment that even pays a little cash!  
Every even-numbered year after a primary, we go through a process of certifying election judges for our party.  You will soon be asked to contact or call the judges on your precinct list that currently serve, and any volunteers that have shown willingness to judge, either when they registered or by submitting an online application.  This gives us a chance to confirm the availability and suitability of our Democratic election judges. 
At this time it is critical that we recruit new judges.  Attrition and the demands of same day registration have made this a high priority.  Many of the incumbent judges are reaching an age that makes it more difficult to work such a long day.  This seems to be the case for the Republican Party a bit more than the Democrats.  While most polling places used to have more Republican judges, it has shifted recently.  The Election Commission has been counting on the Democrats to supply more judges – and so far we’ve been able.  
A good person to recruit as a judge may be the spouse or partner of a PC.  They tend to be Democrats and also are willing to get involved!  People who don’t have a regular day job are most easily recruited.  They should be intelligent, personable and willing to work a long day on Election Day (5 am to 8 or 9 pm).  Pay is $130 plus $30 for taking a very good 3-hour online training.  Besides the pay, the job is fun and very worthwhile.  Judges and PC’s are the backbone of the democratic process and the work is very rewarding.  
Some details that may be helpful in talking to people:  Over the next two years there will be three elections: a general election on the first Tuesday of November, November 6, 2018; a consolidated election on April 2, 2019; and a primary election on Tuesday, March 17, 2020.  Before each election all judges receive an ‘availability to work letter’ asking if they are available for that election and if they will work outside their precinct.  If they answer ‘yes’ to the latter they will  generally not be asked to go far from home.  
For more information and FAQ’s:  https://www.dupageco.org/Election/37876/#Election_Workers.  And I will be glad to answer questions if you send me a message at sarabyron@att.net.