Stay United – Carla

Stay United to Elect Democrats in the Midterm

Hair on Fire

By Carla Feinkind
In 2016, some were saying that there was no difference between the Democratic and Republican parties. Young voters without a historical perspective, or even ultra-left voters, were disillusioned and felt that both parties were too corporatist, ignoring the PEOPLE. But today, the stark differences between the Democratic Party’s values and those of the GOP are clear … to ALL.

Since Trump and the GOP seized hold of both Houses of Congress and the White House, they have embarked on a campaign to dismantle our government. Important departments are intentionally barely staffed. Programs that serve our most vulnerable – retirees, the young, the poor, and the disabled – have been eliminated or severely handicapped:

Healthcare.Immediately, the GOP sought to end Obamacare. The GOP doesn’t have a plan for Americans other than to benefit the healthcare industry.  As Democratic Rep. Grayson said, the GOP plan was that the sick would die and have to die quickly to save their families from bankruptcy.

Taxes. The GOP passed the notorious Tax Bill act of malice that will gift GOP donors billions while it destroys the United States economy. To offset some of the $1.5+ trillion in deficits caused by that tax bill, the GOP now talks about plans to gut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, despite their campaign promises that this would never happen.

Guns. It’s no secret that the GOP is in the pocket of the NRA and refuses even to ban the sale of military-style assault weapons or to allow the CDC to research gun violence. Once again, the GOP values profits over lives. Meanwhile, the amazing Parkland, FL teenagers are a thorn in the side of a disparaging GOP, as THE KIDS gain momentum for gun control and opposition to the NRA.

The environment. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, certainly one of the MOST corrupt men to ever serve in any cabinet, is dismantling all EPA regulations as fast as he can.  (That is why the GOP looks away as he personally bleeds American taxpayers dry on ridiculous personal spending.)  Pruitt is more proof that the GOP values profits over our lives.

Science. The GOP has mounted an assault on science, denying the existence of climate change and prohibiting the use of a list of terms, including words like science-based, fetus and transgender, if researchers want federal funding. State GOP administrations starve education, though education has historically proven to be the way that lower classes climb the economic ladder.

This list does not even address all the ways that Trump and the GOP use hate to scapegoat minorities and refugees, so they can excite and motivate their base.

Democrats stand for inclusiveness and opportunity. We fight for the rights of all Americans, including the right to vote – while the GOP suppresses voting by minorities because they cannot win if minorities vote.  Democratic attorneys general are fighting in red states that regularly break federal voting laws.

Couched as a religious freedom issue, but really an excuse to fan hate, the far right passes laws to oppress and ridicule the LGBTQ community. A prime example: the army did NOT have a problem with transgendered people serving, but the GOP did.  Also under the guise of religious freedom, the GOP perennially attacks women’s right to freedom of choice.

Our MANDATE is clear.


This is not like team sports … us vs the other team.

If the GOP wins in 2018 and 2020, the party will continue to hurt REAL people and put our nation at grave risk. TODAY’S GOP IS THE PARTY OF MALICE!  Stay united and vote for Democrats

 And, if we elect Democrats, our voices WILL be heard.  If we elect Democrats and then STAY BUSY, we can push our party towards the agenda we want.