Contributions Needed: Help Our Local Candidates!

Contributions Needed:  Help Our Local Candidates!

By Greg Hosé

Vice Chair, Downers Grove Township Democratic Organization

For many years, the Democratic Party has run some good candidates for county office, and some of them have had good messages.  We need both in this year of the Blue Wave, to give Democrats the best chance possible to gain ground and become a force in DuPage County government.  

As discussed in our recent DGTDO meetings and in the last newsletter, the Downers Grove Township Democrats are raising money for a Campaign Infrastructure Fund to help swell the Blue Wave at the county level.  First goal is to hire a professional firm to assist our District 2 and 3 County Board candidates in crafting a unified message on a professional literature piece to be distributed by volunteers..  We have a quote of $800 per candidate and plan to in-kind this cost directly to the candidates.  Please go to and help build the Blue Wave in Downers Grove Township!