Don’t Watch the Blue Wave, Get Out and Surf It

Don’t Watch the Blue Wave, Get Out and Surf it

By Sachin Shiva

Sachin is a summer intern at the DGTDO office.  He is a 2018 Hinsdale Central graduate and he will attend Dartmouth starting in the fall.  His major will be political science.

With media reports of a blue wave flooding in, it can be easy to have high expectations for the 2018 midterm election. The problem with expectations, though, is that they are just that–expectations. While we might expect that a certain outcome will occur, the reality could be very different. So, while the polls might suggest that a blue wave is coming, we must be wary of trusting them: 2016 showed us that. And with Trump’s approval rating up in recent weeks, this is no time to relax.

A case in point is the Ohio primary, which turned out significantly more Republican voters than Democrats in a state that President Trump narrowly won in 2016. Even with Democratic enthusiasm in the state, the Republicans were still able to turn out more voters. Elsewhere, Republican candidates supported by Pres. Trump and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell came out on top in states like West Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana–states the President won by a large margin in 2016. The Republicans have now fielded their strongest candidates ahead of the midterm. It’s clear that we can no longer be complacent.

Tyler Law, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesperson, explained it best: “There’s nothing easy about winning 23 seats under the current gerrymandered maps — in the face of massive outside Republican spending — and we’re taking nothing for granted.” We, as Democratic voters, must resist the urge to stand on the beach and watch the blue wave. If Democrats are going to win in November, we must all surf the blue wave to victory, taking nothing for granted.

President Trump has pushed an agenda that is not only hurting our nation but is also aggressively pushing it back. From dismantling the Iran nuclear deal to his inability to condemn white supremacists at home, the president has proven that he does not have our best interests at heart. We needa Democratic Senate and House to keep him in check, so we can go back to passing legislation that benefits everyday Americans, from students who want to feel safe at school to those who need healthcare the most yet are unable to afford it.

We have the opportunity to take back the Senate and the House: let’s not forgo it. The surest indicator of a Democratic win is simple: vote. The future of our nation is at stake.