Effective Ways to Counter Trump, Rauner and the Republians

Effective ways to counter Trump, Rauner and the Republicans

By Maryann Vazquez

An army of paid canvassers has been hired by the RNC to get voters to the polls. Democrats have to get out the vote or we are looking forward to four more years of Rauner and at least two more years of Donald Trump. This is serious, people! It is our responsibility, only ours. No one is going to save us. The only way to save our democracy is to send Democrats to Washington and Springfield. The only way we do that is by counteracting the RNC organizations.

Republicans, along with their rich and powerful friends, will be trying to maintain Congressional seats as well as the governorship and state and local legislative positions. We have to do everything in our power to prevent that. We may be out spent, but our enthusiasm will be the fuel that drives us forward. They may have the cash but we have the heart, values, and will to get democrats elected. Remember, the Blue Wave ONLY HAPPENS WITH YOU!!! 

1.      Get involved!!! There are campaigns up and down the ballot that you can get involved in. Check out the DGTDO website for links to the candidates. Campaigns need canvassers, phone bankers, people to man the office or attend events.

2.      Letters to the editor are always welcome. Share information and let people know why it is you believe as you do. Spread the truth regarding the lies of the Trump Administration and on other political issues. Identify your values and share those values.

3.      Contribute to organizations that are making a difference, like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

4.      Push liberal and progressive causes by contacting your legislators on the national, state, and local levels. Call them, e-mail and send letters and postcards.

5.      Contribute to candidates that support liberal and progressive causes.

6.      Reach out to Independents and Republicans who disagree with Trump’s agenda. Look for shared values beyond party lines.

7.      March and demonstrate whenever you can: it keeps the energy going and draws attention to major issues.

8.     Check the DGTDO website (dgdemocrats.com) and Facebook pageincluding https://www.facebook.com/LeftOutDupage/for other events that help build energy.  Attend whenever you can – township Democratic organization meetings, candidate fundraisers (they aren’t always seeking big bucks!), meetings and events sponsored by Indivisible and other resistance groups, postcard-writing parties designed to get out the vote or to urge our legislators to do the right thing … you get the idea!

9.      Use social media to share information about the candidates you support- these individuals are bright and articulate, be proud of our Democratic slate.

10.   Host a party in your home for a local candidate so people can get to know down ballot races. Candidates for county offices – County Board, Clerk, Sheriff, Forest Preserve and JUDGE – need our help as much as, if not more than, candidates for state legislature, governor and Congress. 

11.   LAST BUT NOT LEAST VOTE!!! VOTE!!! Democrats do not vote in numbers that show our true strength! PLEASE VOTE!