It’s Summer – What’s a PC to Do?

It’s Summer–What’s a PC to Do?
By Chris Hotchkin
Take time for traveling, visiting family, some pool time, and sitting on the deck with a good book. BUT—there is important work to be done in these summer months if you are a precinct committeeman.
1.      Appoint Democratic Election Judges. One of the privileges and duties you have as a Precinct Committeeman is to appoint election judges to work in your polling place. You should have received a packet from the Election Commission including a list of Democrats in your precinct who have served as Democratic election judges or expressed an interest in serving. Our Township Chair, Kim Savage also recently sent an email to all PC’s with a link to a list of people who might want to be appointed as election judges. Our job right now is to contact these people, ask if they want to be appointed or re-appointed as a judge, and then put their names, addresses, and phone numbers on the green sheet included in the packet from the Election Commission. You can also appoint people in your precinct who are not on either of these lists, but whom you have asked and they have agreed to be appointed. This could include someone from your family. You can let your judges know that by being appointed they are agreeing to serve as a judge but are not absolutely committed to serving every election. If they are traveling or having surgery or whatever, they can skip an election and still be a judge the next time. Once you have completed this form, you should give it to Kim Savage by turning it in at our office at 906 Curtiss or bringing it to our next meeting.
2.      Register Voters! Now is a great time to canvass the Democratic households in your precinct to see if anyone needs to be registered to vote. College students who may be home, high schoolers who will turn 18 before November 6, new families in your precinct may need to be registered. If you were at our May meeting and received your training, you know what to do. If not, and you need more information or materials, you may contact the Election Commission at 630-407-5600. You can download a state registration form that you can hand to voters to have them fill out. Or you can use the DuPage County registration form which you would fill out for them and sign as a voter registrar. If you use this DuPage County form, you cannot be engaged in any political activity while registering the voter.
3.      Help a candidate by participating in canvassing, phone banking, or postcard writing. Contact information for all the candidates is on our website,
4.      Attend our monthly meetings. Bring a guest with you!
5.      Participate in our parades. This year on July 4th DGTDO will be in the Darien parade in the morning and the Downers Grove parade in the afternoon.
6.      Get your official DGTDO water bottle for meetings, canvassing, and parades. Help keep plastic out of our environment!  Show off your DGTDO pride! There are bottles at our office.