Left Out DuPage website

Left Out DuPage now has a website LeftOut DuPage


Left Out – DuPage Area is a unique local Facebook group that serves as an informational clearinghouse for all Democratic leaning – progressive events occurring in and around DuPage County. It has over 2,700 followers. On a weekly basis, Left-Out – DuPage Area searches Facebook for events hosted by local campaigns and grassroots organizations and reposts them to their followers. It is volunteer-run and has no affiliation with any organization or campaign. You can also view Left Out’s other calendar of events on Facebook.

We would like to encourage community organizations, progressives, unions, engaged citizens, candidates, activists Democratic groups etc.  throughout DuPage to use Left Out as a common platform to share information about upcoming events. This will freely advertise those events to Left Out’s 2,700+ followers, help progressive groups to avoid inadvertently competing for the same constituencies (such as by planning too many events on the same day), and allow progressives to show up and support one another’s events.  This method will allow us to distribute the event information across platforms in emails, on Facebook, websites, twitter, and on paper printed at will.  It will amplify our event participation if everyone posts in one place because it will allow for the public to be better informed and involved.