Message from the Chair – June

Message from the Chair, June 2018

by Kim Savage

It’s mid-June and things seem to be going pretty well for us. Local candidates are still excited about the Democratic voter turnout in the March Primary Election, special elections and primaries across the country indicate that the blue wave is continuing to swell, the ERA passed the Illinois legislature finally, and the state budget was also passed before the deadline! It’s a great time to be a Democrat!

Energy has been high and calls from #TheResistance have been making a difference. In the past few weeks, your calls have convinced some local legislators to switch to more favorable positions on gun legislation and women’s rights. Th Republicans are even trying to shore up Runaway Roskam to help save his seat.

So, why are organizers calling us to volunteer now? Can’t we wait until closer to the election to call people and knock on doors? There are graduations, bridal showers, weddings, and vacations to attend to. No one wants to focus on the election yet! We need a break!

Unfortunately, the election is less than 5 months away and there is a lot of work to do to insure success on November 6. Voters need to become familiar with the candidates and the issues so that they are motivated to go to participate in this mid-term election. The Democratic ticket is filled with outstanding candidates up and down the ballot. It cannot be assumed that people will automatically vote for all of the candidates based on party affiliation. While it is not hard to convince progressive voters that the current Governor has to go, they may need a little more prodding to understand that he will need strong allies in the other statewide offices and in the legislature. It is also essential that we flip the 6th Congressional District­­, elect more Democrats to county offices, and have elected Democratic judges on the bench.

There is a lot at stake this year, so please stay engaged. Don’t sit back and wait until November…. Early Voting starts September 27. Remember how you felt after the 2016 election? Help make sure it doesn’t happen again.