Had Enough? Choose When and Where You Use Your Energy

Had Enough? Choose When and Where You Use Your Energy.

This is What the BLUE WAVE Looks Like!

By Sue Sitton

Last month we asked, “If not Now, When? If not Us, Who?” (article).  We need to continue to ask this until each of us has had enough and each of us takes actions to get Democrats elected up and down the ballot on November 6th.

Remember the days when occasional “breaking news” hit the airways and we stood up and noticed.  Now not only is everything “breaking news,” we are hit by one shocking headline after another.   As each month passes, that overflow of shocking headline seems to accelerate.  We have to choose how we deal with this.

We have choices.  We can be become overwhelmed, be consumed by anxiety, spend our time trying to predict what is going to happen next, or hide under a rock to ignore it.  All that energy spent on events we have no control over.  Not only are we infected with negative energy, we infect our friends who try to soothe us and talk us off the ledge.

It’s a choice.  We can spend our energy ranting or spend our energy being productive to become educated and active to get democrats elected.   That will create change to support our democracy.  Don’t complain … ACT. 

Here are a few quick reminders from last month’s article “Effective ways to counter the Republican army” (article)

·        Get involved with local campaigns – canvassing or phone banking

·        Go to an event (check out Left Out DuPage website for events)

·        Attend fundraisers, make donations to campaigns

·        Attend postcard writing events

·        Get involved with Indivisible or other grassroot groups

·        Find your issue and connect to groups supporting that issue

·        Talk to your college age students – get them registered and tell them how to vote by mail

·        Write letters to the editors

·        Call your legislators on issues you care about

·        Put a bumper sticker on your car to help with support and name recognition

We only have so much energy to spare.  Use it wisely.  Choose to put your energy into action to get democrats elected in November.  Don’t wait for others to do it for you.  We all have to come together and do our part.