Hair on Fire – Trump and the GOP’s HATE IN 2018

Hair on Fire – Trump and the GOP’s HATE IN 2018

By Carla Feinkind

Trump launched his presidential campaign SPEWING HATE!  He descended that escalator ranting about Mexico sending us their worst people, rapists, and drug dealers.

The old days when the GOP disguised (thinly) its disdain for minorities with dogwhistles were over.  We remember Reagan’s Welfare Queens who supposedly tooled around in Cadillacs.  Everyone understood that meant black people.  Too many Republicans spoke of TAKERS and everyone understood that meant lazy minorities who did not work but sat around and collected their welfare checks.

Now, Trump has taken politically useful HATE to a whole new level.  He tantalizes and energizes his base with undisguised HATE. 

Along with those dirty dangerous Mexicans, he targeted Muslims as TERRORISTS. He implied that they were ALL dangerous. He whipped up fear and HATE against desperate Syrian refugees. (The fact is that most are at least middle class and educated and had paid dearly to escape the bloody carnage in their nation.) Trump’s Muslim bans were supposed to be gifts to his base but, they failed. The recent SCOTUS-approved ban just barely “disguised” the HATE of Muslims when Trump added Venezuela, North Korea, and Somalia.

Trump’s manufactured crisis on our southern border is a serious humanitarian crisis and an outgrowth of the hate he has spewed. The terrifying separation of mothers and fathers from their young children is inhumane and against international law, as these people came as asylum seekers.  Children are being traumatized and some have even been “misplaced.” Will they ever be reunited with their families or is Trump creating new “Dreamers?” Now, reports are surfacing of destroyed records and of serious mistreatment of some of the children by some of their “keepers”.  

At every rally and in front of cameras, Trump speaks of “people flooding into our nation and infesting/infectingour nation!!”

Is it just HATE as theater to distract from Mueller or just another gift for his base? Probably BOTH.  And PLEASE DON’T FORGET TRUMP’S ACT OF MALICE AGAINST THE DREAMERS.  He put those young people in grave danger as part of his white America first campaign.  

And, the Republicans are silent … ORthey’ve echoed the HATE.  Too many Republicans have stood up to parrot the detestable “infecting our nation” statement.

NONE of this is NORMAL and ALL of it is dangerous. 

People have started to draw parallels to Hitler’s Germany in the 1930’s.  Is it simply hyperbole?  Hitler used HATE to rally the nation to him.  He spent years ostracizing and scapegoating JEWS, GYPSIES and others.  By the time the Nazis were rounding people up for deportation in the cattle cars the nation was prepared.  People either cheered or stood silently – a few looked away. 

Where were the German RESISTORS?  As Hitler prepared the “soil” he also attacked all possible sources of opposition, such as the media and other political parties.

Were all Germans Nazis?  Would all Germans have shoved women and children into gas chambers?  In reality, few Germans were “card carrying” Nazis, but almost all of Germany went along.   By the time Hitler instituted his final solution, it was too dangerous and too hard to resist. It was just too late.

Today the world is watching America. Will Americans FIGHT Trump’s HATE? Or will we look away? Don’t look away!! NO APATHY!  Hate is dangerous and corrosive. The best way to beat hate is to elect candidates who will NOT use hate for political gain or for any reason. Today, the GOP is the party of hate and divisions. 

Work for, donate to, and VOTE for Democrats! Stay united!  We want to win for the future of our nation and our children. We face so many dangers because of Trump and the GOP.  BUT, THE HATE THAT THE GOP AND TRUMP ARE SOWING MAY BE THE MOST TOXIC AND DANGEROUS THING WE FACE. STAND UP NOW!