Message From Our Chair – July

Message from the Chair – July
By Kim Savage
The last week of June hit us with a gut punch! Children and parents were being separated at the border. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Muslim Travel Ban and against organized labor. Then, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court. The buzz around Democratic circles ranged from noticeable concern to outright panic. The images of families being ripped apart horrified people in the United States and around the world and left us wondering, “is this who we are?”
Of course it’s not! Our country has gone through many difficult times. Despite the fact that the United States was based on the principle that all men were created equal, they haven’t been treated that way. From the time that Europeans arrived in North America, there have always been groups that favored oppression and discrimination over justice and dignity; people who profited over the suffering of other people.
The struggle to combat injustice has continued throughout our nation’s history. Slavery, internment, and discrimination based on gender, gender identity, ethnic origin, religion, and economic status have been among the battles fought by people of conscience. Progress has been slow and often painful, but attitudes and outlooks have improved over time. We must persist in the fight to resist the backward slide that looms ahead.
Despite the shadow of ultra conservative policy changes that hovers over us, I am hopeful and more motivated than ever to fight for what is right. We need to carry the torch that was passed to us by ancestors who fled war and intolerance in their homelands with the hope of a better life for their families. I am encouraged by the energy of the resistance, but even more so by the hope and dreams of the students and young adults who are bringing new ideas and energy that will change our world for the better.
All of us must do what we can to elect a Democratic Governor, Flip the 6th, and elect more Democrats locally to the county board and the state house. We must also keep the dialog going to educate people on the issues, make our voices heard to elected officials, and get our neighbors to the polls. Whether it is donating to campaigns, making calls, knocking on doors, or other productive activities, please participate as you are able. Our democracy is at risk, and we are in a fight to preserve it for future generations. This is who we are.