Turn Words into Action: We’re Talking to YOU, Peter Roskam!

Turn Words into Action:  We’re Talking to YOU, Peter Roskam!

Call 202-225-4561 or 630-232-0006

Trump’s embrace of Putin in Helsinki, and his rejection of U.S. intelligence concerning Russian interference in our elections, stunned even the most jaded of us.  Former CIA Director John Brennan may have put it best: 

‘Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.” It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???’

Even our own Peter Roskam, who has been loath to call Trump out on even the most vile of his past actions, and who has voted with Trump 94% of the time, took to Twitter to express displeasure: 

‘Russia’s interference w/ our democratic process is appalling & undeniable. POTUS has a responsibility to confront Putin for attacking our democracy & use all tools avail. to prevent future acts of aggression that could undermine free & fair elections. … We must maintain a united front with our partners around the world to confront Russian aggression. Today’s press conference was an affront to American democracy and the Intelligence Community and a victory for Russian propaganda.’

Nice (surprisingly) job, Peter.  But not nearly enough!  Condemnations of Trump on Twitter are the equivalent of “thoughts and prayers” for school shooting victims – good to hear, but meaningless in terms of actual, needed change.  You and your elected compatriots are the ones who are in a position, NOW, to take meaningful action.  Show some spine for a change; here are just a few thoughts about resolutions YOU can introduce and support:

·        Impeachment

·        Censure

·        Support for and protection of the Mueller investigation

·        Condemnation of Russian interference

·        Support for the intelligence community’s conclusions regarding Russian interference

·        Stronger sanctions against Russia that will be harder for Trump to refuse to enforce

·        A real investigation of cooperation between Russia and Trump and/or his campaign – including subpoenas for his tax records

·        Subpoena the interpreters from the private Helsinki meeting

·        We’re sure you can think of more if you put your mind to it – or ask a Democrat!

Readers:  Call, call and call again!  Let him know what we think and what he needs to do. 

202-225-4561 or 630-232-0006.