Message from the Chair – Kim Savage

Message from the Chair
By Kim Savage
It’s too early! I hear that all the time: from voters, from volunteers, and even Precinct Committeepeople. Most people still cling to the myth that election season begins after Labor Day. While it may seem logical to have a compact campaign period after everyone is back from their summer adventures, there is just not enough time to wait to start contacting voters. People can actually start voting on September 27!
We have a big job to do this year! It is imperative that we elect JB and Juliana to replace the failed team in Springfield! It is imperative that we Flip the 6th and retire Runaway Roskam with Sean Casten! It is imperative that we elect more Democrats to represent DuPage County in Springfield and in Wheaton!
I know that I sound like a broken record, but we can’t just talk about the Blue Wave. We need to be the Blue Wave! We can’t just talk the talk, we have to walk the walk! I enjoy the casual conversations as much as anyone else, but we need to break outside the comfort bubble.
If you want change, you need to help make it happen and spread the word to your friends and family. Here are a few tips for finding common ground in your conversations:
·        Don’t argue or insult die-hard Trumpers! Listen for clues to their concerns and offer candidate positions they may be inclined to agree with.
·        Take time to create a personal narrative that you can share that illustrates why you support the candidate(s).
·        Keep it simple, short, positive, and to the point.
·        Focus on core values that Democrats support: fairness, equality, health and safety, economic security, quality education, election integrity, and protection from global threats.
We can’t change everyone’s mind, but we can educate the uninformed by arming them with credible facts. We must motivate people to go to the polls and vote for Democrats up and down the ballot! Most importantly, we must do it now! We can’t wait! It is not too early!
Remember, elections have consequences.