Another Great Resource: Left Out DuPage

Another Great Resource:  Left Out DuPage

In this day and age of chaos, it is important to find ways to not get overwhelmed.  Each news cycle seems to add to the chaos.  A way to counter the chaos is to stay informed on the issues and to stay connected with people in your community.  Left Out DuPage is a great way to find events in the area.  Also, if you have a progressive event, you can post it.

Left Out – DuPage Area is a unique local Facebook group that serves as an informational clearinghouse for all Democratic leaning – progressive events occurring in and around DuPage County. It has over 2,700 followers.

On a weekly basis, Left-Out – DuPage Area searches Facebook for events hosted by local campaigns and grassroots organizations and reposts them to their followers. It is volunteer-run and has no affiliation with any organization or campaign.

Visit Left Out – DuPage on Facebook or their new Website: