Why are Some So Afraid of People of Color and Immigrants?

Why are Some So Afraid of People of Color and Immigrants?  What can they learn from this?

August 12th marks the one-year anniversary of the Charlottesville riot where Heather Heyer lost her life at the hands of a white supremacist driving his car through a crowd. This was a terrorist act.  Who can forget the president’s response?  Good people on both sides?  Nazis, KKK?  Really?

Through his rhetoric and actions, the current president has unleashed permission to spread “hate speech” in our county.  It’s in our community as evidenced by a “White Lives Matter” flyer that was placed in Darien residents’ mailboxes.  They flyer headline “Pro-White websites with the Real News” says it all.  This is not acceptable!!

The Patch reported “Darien Mayor Condemns ‘White Lives Matter’ Flyer” on August 6 (article), Kathleen Weaver, Mayor of Darien, was quick to respond with the following statement:

“There was a one page single-sided flyer circulated in the Knottingham area entitled “White Lives Matter.”  There are a few websites that the originator of the flyer invites people to visit.  These websites have messaging not consistent with the values of Darien.  We believe the websites to be white supremacist, racist and anti-Semitic in nature.

As the Mayor of Darien, representing the communities within our town, I wanted to give the message that Darien is inclusive and this type of rhetoric is not what we believe.

If anyone has information regarding this incident, please contact the Darien Police Department at 630-353-8150.”

To ignore this kind of behavior in our community is to condone it.  If this happens to you or your neighbors, report it to your local police department.  Don’t get mad….TAKE ACTION!

SEE YOU AT THE POLLS … with yourpaper ballots!