Immagration at the Texas Border – What can I do?

Zero Tolerance at the Texas Border – What Can I Do?

What are the solutions?
  1. Stay up on the facts and don’t assume things are over.
  2. Support legal aid and organizations that represent detainees, like RAICES and Texas Civil Rights Project, or legal aid in Rio Grande or El Paso.
  3. Give money to organizations like RAICES that help put up bond for detainees.
  4. Require the truth and call out untruths from public speakers.
  5. Consider becoming foster parents or foster parent qualified.
  6. For churches or any large group, but especially churches, consider taking a trip down to the towns on the Mexican border: Nogales, Tijuana, Nuevo Laredo, and serve with other non profits and Mexican churches who are doing triage care for migrants stuck on the other side of the border in very dangerous circumstances, often without money for food or shelter.
  7. Participate in demanding change from our government. These outcomes are the result of choices exercised by the government in our name. Contact your elected officials and very simply say: I care very deeply about this issue. Until I hear you say something and see you do something to put a stop to what is happening, I will work to elect someone who will.
  8. Finally, again editorializing. the white American church – particularly the white evangelical American church – has to stop being comfortable treating black and brown children like they’re worth less than our own.