DGTDO – Keep the Office Open


Can You Please Donate to Support Our Office?   The office of the Downers Grove Township Democratic Organization is critically important to our operation moving forward:

·        It provides a much-needed base for conducting campaigns and the other activities of our organization.

·        It gives us visibility in the community, a place where potential volunteers can find us and make contact with us, something that happens almost daily.

·        It gives us a meeting location as we become a center of community services and grassroots organizing. 

Let’s Keep It Going! We are asking all Democrats to contribute to our Office Fund at whatever level is comfortable. One fun way we are doing this is asking folks to make a monthly pledge- – $40 per month will keep our office open one day each month for a year. $20 per month funds half a day, and $10 per month funds a quarter day. As a contributor, your name will be added to our Office Support Calendar posted in the office. 

This pledge is easy to complete by going to Act Blue:

Donate Hereand check the “Make it Monthly” box. If you prefer you can send a check payable to DGTDO to P.O. Box 785, Downers Grove, IL 60515.