DGTDO September Letter from Our Chair

Message from the Chair

By Kim Savage

While I am writing this month’s message, you are probably feeling like a cat toy being batted around with the ever-changing news. Lies and distortions from Rauner, Roskam, and others. Supreme Court nomination. Cancerous ethylene oxide emissions in our neighborhoods. Industrial warehouse threat to Waterfall Glen. Woodward’s new book. Scathing New York Times Op-Ed from an anonymous source. I could go on and on.

With that in mind, the message for this month is simple. Stay focused!

There are less than 2 months left until the mid-term elections, and early voting starts next week.   We must ramp up our efforts to make sure that voters know how important it is to go out and vote for Democrats up and down the ballot. Here is how you can help:

·        Vote early on paper (so vote by mail or vote a paper ballot at the DuPage Election Commission).

·        Make sure your friends and family have a voting plan (how, when, and where will they vote).

·        Make sure your friends and family know they can still register to vote through Election Day with Grace Period Registration.

·        Put signs in your yard (if you have one).

·        Call five people and ask them to call five people. Repeat often.

·        Write postcards to voters.

·        Attend phone banks.

·        Knock on doors.

Remember, there is no guaranteed Blue Wave. We need to get all of the potential voters for our candidates out for this election!