Hair on Fire:  Who is THE REAL BRETT KAVANAUGH?  Kavanaugh is NOT a mainstream jurist.

By Carla Feinkind

He has written that sitting Presidents should not be distracted from their duties by potential criminal investigations nor be subpoenaed as Nixon was.  He thinks Presidents should have absolute discretion over whether to appoint an independent counsel and to remove him.  This would certainly PROTECT Trump from all efforts to serve justice.  How like a FASCIST state.

Many fear he will vote to overturn Roe V Wade. In 2006 when Kavanaugh was up for D.C. Circuit Ct, Senator Schumer questioned if he’d commit to following the legal precedent. He answered yes, with no farther comment.   But, most feel he would not vote that way if he is appointed to SCOTUS.  Interestingly, in 2018 he voted against the majority of the court that allowed an undocumented teen to be temporarily released in order to have a termination “on demand”.

He is on the side of big corporations and opposes the CFPB.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was established under Dodd Frank.  The purpose of the CFPB is to promote fairness and transparency for mortgages, credit cards, and other consumer financial products and services.  Kavanaugh has argued that the $12 Billion returned to consumers who were cheated was unconstitutional.  He has opposed industry rules on issues as varied as net neutrality and pollution.  He repeatedly states his distrust of federal consumer protection agencies.

He has an ‘expansive’ view on corporate free speech, favoring greater leeway for corporations to spend on  elections. Get ready for Citizens United on steroids

He will help to continue dismantling the Affordable Care Act.  He is against people with pre-existing conditions being protected and would rule to allow them to be charged much higher rates…or be denied coverage because it is unfair to insurers.  He could allow for the expansion of Medicaid, but people with pre-existing conditions could be left out.

In 2011 he filed a 52-page dissent when the appeals court in a 2-1 vote upheld a DC ordinance that prohibited semiautomatic rifles with magazines of more than 10 rounds.  The 2 REPUBLICANS who were the majority noted such a law worked successfully in larger states like California and NY.     The NRA lauded Kavanaugh’s dissenting opinion and they vow to push their members to call and support Kavanuagh’s appointment.

Notably, most of his papers are still not public.  We know that Kavanaugh signed off on TORTURE when he worked in GW Bush’s administration.  What else did he sign?

(There is also the question of whether Trump should get another SCOTUS pick before he is cleared of the suspicions of criminality and WORSE.   But, that will seem way too “political.“)

 Our job is to call Senators Durbin and Duckworth and ask them to cite these reasons when they OPPOSE Kavanaugh.  This is NOT just politics.  This radical jurist will be on the court for a generation….THIS IS NOT POLITICS. THIS IS AN ISSUE OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW and PRECEDENT.

Ask your friends and family to call and cite these reasons           Congressional switch board 202 224-3121….This is NOT about politics and getting even. This is NOT about TEAM . This is about OUR freedoms and rights and opportunities in a land of equality and justice….This about the America we knew BEFORE 2016 and want to see for ourselves and our children after 2018.