There is Always Something to do: Left Out DuPage

There is Always Something to do:  Left Out DuPage

This is not the time to get overwhelmed, discouraged or frustrated that can lead to complacency.  It is the time to be with others who share your values and our democratic values.  We care that our democracy survives the current authoritarian-leaning administration. 

Being informed, staying involved and getting active are the most critical things we can do prior to the election on November 6.  Talk to your friends and family members to do the same and then GET OUT AND VOTE!  Left Out DuPage is a great resource to find out the when and where to go to help our democratic candidates, learn about issues and many other activities.

Left Out – DuPage Area is a unique local Facebook group that serves as an informational clearinghouse for all Democratic leaning – progressive events occurring in and around DuPage County. It has over 2,700 followers.

Left Out DuPage is a great way to find events in the area.  Also, if you have a progressive event, you can post it.  On a weekly basis, Left-Out – DuPage Area searches Facebook for events hosted by local campaigns and grassroots organizations and reposts them to their followers. It is volunteer-run and has no affiliation with any organization or campaign.

Visit Left Out – DuPage on Facebook or their new Website: