Be a Hero: Canvass as if all our lives are on the line – because they are!

Be a Hero:  Canvass as if all our lives are on the line – because they are!

By Reid McCollum

“Voting is not nearly enough.” If you haven’t read Ady Barkan’s recent piece in The Nation, it just might change your life. My hope is that it also changes your plans over these final days before the Nov. 6 midterm elections.

Ady was diagnosed with deadly ALS just four months after his wife gave birth and weeks before Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election. His body is succumbing to the disease faster than most. Yet Ady has spent most of his remaining time fighting for social justice. He just finished a grueling bus tour across the country, including a stop at Peter Roskam’s office. Ady spoke out against the injustice of Roskam’s tax cuts that threaten access to affordable healthcare for hundreds of thousands of his own constituents. Ady’s Be A Hero campaign recently led many of the protests against Brett Kavanaugh in DC and in Maine to lobby Senator Susan Collins, including raising money for her next opponent.

Read Ady’s own words at the link below from The Nation.  If Ady is willing to spend most of his remaining time on Earth fighting for us, who are we not to make the time to do all that we can do, as well?

The most important thing you can do between now and election day (and ON election day) is door-to-door canvassing. If you are already knocking doors for Democratic candidates, please consider looking at your schedule and freeing up time to do just a little bit more. If you are able to walk a mile or two but haven’t canvassed before, there’s no better time to start!