It’s a Start. Let’s Keep WInning


By Maryann Vazquez

The Democrats of DuPage County have spoken, we won, and we are not going back! November 6th was only the first success in a movement here in DuPage.  Sean Casten and Lauren Underwood are in Washington! Liz Chaplin has six Democrats to help her shake things up on the County Board! Democrats have a super majority in both houses of the state legislature! It’s just so exciting you might think our work is done. Don’t get too comfy over the holidays, folks! That was only the beginning of the work we need to do to solidify the direction of the county – the municipal elections are just around the corner.

The local elections are non-partisan. Party affiliations are not identified on the ballot.  Still, we want to know who we are putting in these positions that affect our lives daily.  It means we want to elect individuals that represent our values. Village and school board offices, in particular, are positions that set the tone of communities. It is also where we build our bench for future elections.  We have to educate ourselves about the local candidates so we can make informed voting decisions. 

Collectively, many were asleep for quite a while.  Now we are awake, and we need to stay awake and engaged in our democracy – otherwise, we could end up exactly where were in 2016. I know 2020 seems like a few years away, but it will be here in no time. Staying engaged throughout this next year or so, doing a little work every week or month, will make it so much easier next time around. Democrats, liberals and progressives found out they were not alone in this county. The Blue was there all the time, we just needed to bring the color to the forefront. It’s been said there is more that unites us than divides us. Let’s just keep highlighting our shared values and focusing on what unites us.

Develop your community, develop your skills and educate yourself on the issues. Here are just a few things you can do:

·        Develop your canvassing skills by helping a local candidate.

·        Volunteer as to help a Precinct Committeeman work their area.

·        Cover a precinct that does not have a Committeeman.

·        Have a postcard party for an issue that’s important to you.

·        Set up a discussion group in your neighborhood to learn the issues.

·        Attend an educational seminar and trainings offered by activist organizations.

·        Attend seminars by the League of Voters.

·        Volunteer at our local democratic organization – DGTDO! 906 Curtiss Ave., Downers Grove.

·        Consider making a donation to help keep DGTDO office open.