Vothing Matters


By Carla Feinkind

2018 proved that WE ARE THE BIG BLUE WAVE! There were skeptics, but there was a blue wave even in places that we never would have imagined. Despite GOP dirty tricks and very diligent work to suppress minority and Democratic voters, Democratic voters came out. Across the nation, people stood in line for HOURS to vote, just to be told they had to take a provisional ballot! We may expect that in Georgia, yet even locally some of our own long-time members were challenged at the polling place. But our people know their rights! They challenged the Board of Elections until they got a regular ballot, filled it out, and fed it into the machine.

Locally, we saw more Democrats than ever elected to the county board, Democrats ousting Republican incumbents in state legislature races, and the FIRST EVER elected Democratic judge. We sent Governor “Ruiner” home. And, despite tons of very ugly GOP TV ads, our new Congressman, Sean Casten sent Peter Roskam packing!  We know that surprised Roskam and the GOP.

Nationally, so many races that were too close to call on election night have gone to Democrats that we have exceeded even the most optimistic projections for the House of Representatives

2016 showed everyone that elections matter, and that there are ACTUAL FACTUAL differences between the Democratic and Republican agendas. Daily, the GOP proves that it is the Greed Over People party. The GOP is willing to leverage HATE to get elected to pass their acts of MALICE that kill our environment and sabotage our healthcare in an effort to fill their own pockets.

We turned out our voters with post cards, going door-to-door, and with neighborhood parties. Our work helped “turn” lifelong Republicans into Democratic voters and contributors, too!

2020 begins NOW, and we have work to do. Stay busy calling Congressional Democrats AND Republicans. Remember, you can call any congressperson, even if you’re not from their district.  If they are, for example, a leader of a committee – they represent ALL of us!

We think it is obvious that voting matters, but it isn’t obvious to all. Soooo, chat up friends and neighbors and family. Elections are won vote by vote. In our area there are still elections separated by just a few hundred votes.

This holiday season, celebrate our big blue wave, and gear up to BUILD A BIGGER WAVE in 2020.

Elections matter and EVERY VOTE COUNTS!