In the midst of the April 2, 2019, Consolidated Election process, the DuPage County Board voted to immediately dissolve the DuPage Election Commission Board and transition the Election Commission to the County Clerk’s Office.

During their campaigns, both Paul Hinds and Jean Kaczmarek agreed the transition of the election commission to the Clerk’s Office should occur after the election in April.  A question comes to mind, “If Paul Hinds had not lost the election and was still the County Clerk, would County Chair Dan Cronin have made the decision to put this before the board now to force an immediate transition.”  Political motivation?

So, what can you do to support the Election Process?  Think about you and your friends becoming election judges or poll watchers.  These positions are key to ensuring fair elections.  Stay tuned to find opportunities that will support the election process.

Also, take a look at Liz Chaplin’s recent blog, “AND SO IT BEGINS” post and stay tuned for more county board developments.

Not even 24 hours after the DuPage County Election Commission was dissolved I have received a legitimate concern from a constituent about the hasty decision made by the DuPage County Board regarding the DuPage Election Commission. A constituent sent an email with concerns that on Monday, January 14th they had filed an appeal in the DuPage County Circuit Court of a written administrative decision that was rendered by the DuPage County Election Commission on Friday, Jan 11, 2019.

My constituent learned on Tuesday that the DuPage County Election Commission was dissolved with the appeal case pending. My constituent is very unhappy and disappointed by the actions of the DuPage County Board. My constituent feels their legal case is now in the middle of a political football game.  I agree. The DuPage County Board with a split vote of 11-7 Republicans voting in favor, Democrats opposed, dissolved the DuPage County Election Commission and the duties of the election commission were assigned to the Clerk’s office with no transition plan in place.

When the Clerk’s office was stripped of the electoral process in October 1973 the DuPage County Board had the wisdom and understanding that there needed to be a transition period.  The Election Commission was not formed until January 24, 1974, leaving a 3 month period to transition.

Imagine if we just “dissolve” the DuPage Water Commission or the DuPage Airport Authority with no transition period or plans in place.