By Maryann Vazquez

Leadership is as diverse as the personalities that possess the quality.  Chris Johnson would qualify as a leader that possessed what I call “A Servants Heart”. Her quiet humble demeanor did not always clue people in to the powerhouse that was Chris Johnson.

She was President of Indivisible DuPage, Program Committee Co-Chair for DWDC, County Votebuilder Administrator, Co- Editor and Writer for the DGTDO Newsletter, office volunteer at both the Township and the County office, plus she was a Precinct Committeewoman! Chris also volunteered for individual campaigns Sean Casten, JB Pritzker and helped in some way or another every single Democratic Candidate in DuPage County.  Now you might think she gave it her all but, there was more! I can not recall a time when someone asked for help that she did not help that individual.  Chris always did it with the most pleasant demeanor, a wink and a smile. Calm, cool-headed and no hint of stress. All done with ease and grace.

Chris was respected for all she did for so many organizations, so many candidates and fellow activists. Chris was so accomplished, a Master in Nursing, an Attorney which came in quite handy at several protests over the years.  Yet, with all she accomplished her most outstanding leadership quality was in showing all who met her that hard work could be completed with joy, kindness, love and most of all humility.  Chris lit up the Downers Grove Township office in times when so many needed it, when volunteers were exhausted or just need an ear. Chris recognized what united us and reminded us all  who we were at our core and what mattered most in life. Chris will be missed as a leader, an activist but, mostly as a dear friend in our DGTDO family..

One of the things that mattered most to Chris was “CATS” she loved them (funny cat videos too) and her dear fur-daughter Cassie!  DGTDO will make a donation to the West Suburban Humane Society in memory of Chris Johnson.