By Maryann Vazquez

Well, we did it! We got a record number of Democrats elected to office here in DuPage County!  Literally, history was made!  Now we have to ask ourselves, what do we do next? How do we keep up the momentum and get more Democrats elected? How will we support our newly-elected officials? What’s clear is we have more work to do.

Recently, Sean Casten held his first town hall. He spoke to constituents about the government shutdown and was met with some opposition that is to be expected. After all, we do live in a Democracy and not everyone is going to agree with Congressman Casten. As always, he handled the situation beautifully and made it clear that he represents all constituents in the 6th District. So what do we do next? We support him by showing up whenever possible. Send him a postcard or email to let him know you support him. Let him know what issues are important to you.

DuPage County officials may need even more support. The recent decision by the DuPage County Board to dissolve the Election Commission was a decision many voters wanted, but the timing for transition was in question. DuPage County Clerk Jean Kaczmarek and former Clerk Paul Hinds both agreed that the Commission not be dissolved until after the April 2019 Municipal election. However, the republican-majority board voted to dissolve the commission immediately, and the vote was entirely along party lines,
Jean is already being heavily criticized by her opponents. It is up to the us to support her decisions so she can complete the job we sent her to do.  Having a large number of voters show up at the County Board meeting may not have changed the outcome, but it can send a message that we are watching decisions. Meetings are scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. each month at the DuPage Center Administration Building, 421 County Farm Road, 3rd floor Boardroom, Wheaton, IL  http://www.dupageco.org/
Daniel Hebreard is in a very challenging position as the President of Forest Preserve District of DuPage County. He has wonderful plans for our Forest Preserves to update facilities and to provide more transparency for the management of funds. This was why we worked so hard to elect him. What happens when he presents his ideas to a all-Republican BoardWill they vote in a partisan manner or they vote for facilities and services that are beneficial to all residents of DuPage County? How can we help?  Show up to meetings in support of policies you wish to be implemented.  Call and let them know you stand behind Dan 630-933-7200http://www.dupageforest.org/