By Kim Savage

February has fewer days than any other month, but it always seems to drag on forever. This year has been particularly interesting because the weather changes drastically from day to day. It also brings the opportunity for the Precinct Committeepersons to choose a new Chair and Treasurer for the Democratic Party of DuPage County due to the resignation of the previous officers.

In previous months, I noted the wave of satisfaction that we enjoyed following the 2018 General Election. Now it is time to capitalize on that success and leverage it toward the future. We must continue to build strength toward 2020, which includes electing good government officials at the local level in 2019. Check out our website for information about people who are running in your community.

Local Republicans are still reeling from unexpected losses in November. We cannot afford to sit back and rest because they will do their best to regroup and reframe the narrative to win back seats in 2020. Democrats need to stay focused and engaged. Strategic engagement does not mean running around creating busywork, it means moving at a pace that will not zap our collective energizes too soon. It also means that we need to set aside petty squabbles for now and move forward together. Lack of unity in the coming months and years may undo all of the progress we have made.

As Lt. Gov. Stratton said many times during the campaign season, “if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”. Let’s stick together and move forward together in unity.