by Maryann Vazquez

Silence when an injustice is being committed is agreement. Looking the other way, implying we don’t care about how someone else is treated as long as our little world is secure, is taking all that we have in this country for granted. It is an arrogant view of the world. We cannot be silent, because one day we might be experiencing the injustice.

Realistically, it is difficult to respond to everything in our current political climate. Citizens are exhausted from the constant barrage of chaos and confusion out of the White House. Are you still paying attention to these important national issues? Are you leaving these issues to Sean Casten, Lauren Underwood or Bill Foster to solve now they are in office?  

It is so important to take responsibility for our freedom, to stand up for our values that make us this great country.  We all need to continue to be active participants in our Democracy. There is so much power in our nation when we remain true to our core values.

We now are in a National Emergency!!!

·        Do not forget that there are migrant children in detention camps separated from their families.

·        Remember there is Gun Violence every day and the NRA is buying Republicans on the blood of our youth.

·        Never let an American worker be denied a paycheck because a tyrant is holding their livelihoods hostage.

·        Big Pharma, whose mission is to save lives, is allowing people to die for dollars.

·        Our Elections must remain fair and free.

Here are some ideas to act upon:

·        Call your legislators every day if you can.

·        Write letters to Editors.

·        Join or financially support advocacy groups.

·        Down load an app: 5 Calls, Daily Action, Wall of Us.

We’re all tired.  But now is not the time to be complacent and expect others to handle it.  Stay informed!  Stay involved! Take Action!