By Tom Maguire

While the Green New Deal may be stalled in Washington, Illinois is poised to become a leader in environmental protection and carbon emission reduction.  The Clean Energy Jobs Act (SB 2132, HB 3624) will transition the state to entirely renewable energy by 2050 while protecting Illinois’ citizens and economy.

The act will not only transition energy production in Illinois to 100% renewables, but will also support municipalities in transitioning to electric transportation and extending the reach of public transportation.  Furthermore, the bill aims to address economic and social justice inequalities associated with both climate change and the transition away from fossil fuels.

Following the success of the Future Energy Jobs Act, Illinois is scheduled to have 25 percent renewable energy by 2025.  However, we are behind in that goal with only 8 percent of electricity currently produced through renewables.  Yet Illinois has an aging power generation infrastructure that needs replacing or updating in the near future and the Clean Energy Jobs Act provides the next step.

The bill is sponsored by 17 members in the state senate (assigned to the Energy and Public Utilities Committee) and 41 members in the state house (assigned to the Energy and Environment Committee).  

Please contact senators and representatives to support this bill either in committee or on the floor.  The Clean Energy Jobs Act will make Illinois a leader both environmentally and economically in the U.S.  More importantly though, with the President’s disastrous absence of leadership and harmful environmental policies and appointments, it is vital that states and cities take the lead in protecting the planet for future generations.