By Maryann Vazquez

Campaigns take a tremendous amount of work and energy.  So if we want the direction of our country to change for the better, we have to consistently remain engaged! Look around on Facebook or within our Downers Grove Township Democratic office at 908 Curtiss St. and see all there is to do– it is literally possible to do something every single day!  Educate yourself on the issues now! Do not wait until just before the election to learn about the issues; you won’t feel confident canvassing for Sean or Lauren or any other candidate if you don’t start now.  You are needed now, more than ever before, to maintain and move our country, county, and township forward.  Create an America we can leave to our children and our grandchildren. It is in our hands, it is our responsibility, and here is how we do it! 

Join your local township organization!  Maintaining an office presence is so very critical to the growth of our local party. Donations are needed to maintain it and pledges start as low $12.00 a month, or whatever you can afford! Find out more by logging onto where there are calendars of events for both Township and County. The website will answer so many of your questions! The office is located at 908 Curtiss, Downers Grove; the phone number is 630-297-8600. We welcome shy Democrats and outgoing Democrats; we welcome all volunteers to support various events.  Join our Events and Outreach Committee in expanding our growth. E-mail Maryann Vazquez

Petitions start in August to get our candidates on the ballot. We need a lot of volunteers petitioning to get the signatures necessary to ensure our candidates a spot on the ballot. Also, most candidates do not have funding to maintain an office so the office on Curtiss is so important for them. It is another reason to donate!

Look for more ways to stay engaged!