By Kim Savage
Summer is coming and the next election seems to be far off in the distance, so it might seem natural to check out for a few months and take a break from politics. While it is true that the pace might be a little slower, the work must continue to ensure success in 2020.

The last two national election cycles have confirmed that we cannot rely on only strong Democratic voters to elect Democrats locally. We must expand our outreach to sporadic voters, especially those who have bought into the myth that DuPage County is solidly Republican. We need to continue to educate people that every vote matters. We need to encourage people to be among the many voices that stand up for community, for social justice, and for equality. We must be ready to welcome more people to the cause.

Are you new to the world of Democratic politics? Do you know people who have blindly voted Republican, or haven’t voted, who should be voting with the party of the people? If so, please invite them to join you at a social event or one of our monthly meetings. If you have been on the sidelines looking in, you are welcome to help build the future. While we do want to welcome people who genuinely support Democratic values, we must be cognizant that there are people who will jump onto the Blue Wave to bolster their agendas, boost their egos, or disrupt the positive flow that continues to swell for our causes.

We have our work cut out for us from the Presidency down to the County Board. Find your place in the movement and help your friends find theirs. Together we can accomplish great things! Be the change you want to see!