The 2018 election proved to be a great success for our Democratic Party.  We worked hard and celebrated our success. Now is the time to prepare for 2020, to create an even greater success and to have stronger Democratic representation at all levels of government.  The primary election on March 17, 2020 is a little more than 8 months from now.  We start preparing and collecting signatures on petitions in 2 months.  Our work starts now to encourage our friends and neighbors to get involved.

For months, our Democratic leadership has worked hard to identify and recruit qualified Democratic candidates for races in the 2020 election.  There are candidates who committed to run, some have not made a final decision, and there are races that no candidate has been identified.

The following is a list of 2020 races and shows the status of candidate recruitment. This is a work in progress so it will change over time.  Check back for updates.  If you are or someone you know is interested in running, email Kim Savage at kimsavage@gmail.com.

(This list will change over time and will be updated as new information is available.)

2020 Candidate Recruitment Key

         Black Text – we have at least one Democratic Candidate running
Blue Text – we’ve heard someone might run, but it has not been confirmed to us
Red Text – we are NOT aware of anyone even considering running

State Wide Races (Federal)

·        President

·        Senator

County Wide Offices – Races

·        18th Judicial Circuit Court – (1 to 3 Seats)

·        Auditor

·        Clerk of the Circuit Court

·        Coroner

·        Recorder

·        State’s Attorney

County District – Races

·        Forest Preserve District 2

·        Forest Preserve District 4

·        Forest Preserve District 5

·        County Board District 1

·        County Board District 2

·        County Board District 3

·        County Board District 4

·        County Board District 5

·        County Board District 6

State Senate – Races

·        Dist-25

 State Representative – Races

·        Dist-41

·        Dist-42

·        Dist-47

·        Dist-82