By Kim Savage, DGTDO Chair

Are you ready? We have an important election cycle on the horizon! While most people are focused on the Presidential Election, it is already time to get set for the county, state, congressional and senate races in 2020.

Candidates don’t magically appear on the ballot, so DGTDO is working closely with the Democratic Party of DuPage County to ensure that candidates are recruited to run for the positions available in DuPage County, as well as looking for people to run against Republican State Representatives.

Getting candidates on the ballot and then contacting voters to promote the candidates requires a large volunteer base. Over the summer, DGTDO volunteers have been connecting with voters in precincts where there are currently no elected Precinct Committeepeople. This is not a new activity for DGTDO, in fact, in 2007 our own Chris Hotchkin led a county-wide team that scheduled recruitment canvasses in almost every township. The goal of these canvasses is to build community among local Democrats.

The DGTDO Events and Outreach Committee has done an outstanding job of scheduling programs in the office to create a hub of educational and social interaction for our Democratic neighbors. The office is our Democratic Community Center, which is staffed by volunteers who provide a safe space for Democrats to share ideas and meet other Democrats.

To achieve the best possible outcomes in the 2020 election, I encourage everyone to consider finding a new comfort level of involvement. Whether it is volunteering for an occasional canvass or phone bank, being a block captain, or becoming a Precinct Committeeperson, we need a strong volunteer base to make sure every Democrat understands the issues and then votes.

Check out the many opportunities highlighted in this newsletter to be part of the Democratic community in Downers Grove Township.