By Kim Savage

Do you believe the summer is over? It flew by fast while we have been making plans for the upcoming 2020 election. With about 440 days to go until we vote to retire 45 from office, it may seem like an eternity. In reality, it is already GO TIME!

On September 3, candidates will begin circulating petitions to get on the ballot! This includes all candidates from the Presidential race to the Circuit Court Judges. A month later, delegates for the Democratic National Convention will also start collecting signatures. Depending on which congressional district you live in, there may be dozens of delegate candidates on your ballot.

We will kick off the petition drive on September 7 at our office at 908 Curtiss Street in Downers Grove. Come meet elected officials and candidates and sign petitions! Better yet, take action and spend an hour or two circulating petitions to help get more Democrats on the ballot!

Every election year, you hear that this is the most important election of your lifetime. This time, it is absolutely true. It is imperative that we elect a Democratic President. It is also equally vital that we hold the ground we claimed in 2018 in the U.S. Congress, the state legislature and in DuPage County. We must also increase the number of Democrats elected to the county board, county wide offices, and the circuit court. Everyone must engage in this process to promote candidates, educate voters, and ensure that all eligible Democratic voters are registered and cast their ballots.

Please stay tuned in to our newsletters, social media pages, and email blasts to find out how you can help. There is a role for everyone in this election. Be passionate, be engaged, and let’s get going!