DuPage Democrats Training Sessions

#1 – DuPage Dems – PC 101 – Training
This is for new PCs, Veteran PCs and those considering being a PC. We will review our PC Calendar through November 2020 and focus on what our PCs should be doing during the 2020 petition season (which starts in September 2019). Feel free to stay for VoteBuilder training which will immediately follow.

#2- DuPage Dems – VoteBuilder – Training
This training will ensure you have all the VoteBuilder training you need to get you through the 2020 Petition Season (September 2019 – December 2019). Access, how to create a universe of data for your precinct and how to print off a walk list.

#3 – DuPage Dems – Get on the Ballot & How to Circulate Petitions
Go over everything you need to know and do to get on the ballot and to circulate petitions for the 2020 Petition Season (September 2019 – December 2019). This event is open to PCs and Candidates alike.